Paloma PHH-32RDV Tankless Water Heater

94% Efficient Indoor Condensing Direct Vent Gas Tankless Water Heater with Remote Temperature Control.

The Paloma PHH-32RDV will support 3-4 major hot water functions in a warm climate and 2-3 simultaneous major hot water functions in a cold climate. This unit uses condensing technology that allows it to be the most efficient whole-home tankless water heating solution at 0.94 Energy Factor. It can also be converted for commercial use up to 185°F with the simple addition of a hi-temp computer chip.

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  • 94% Efficient — 0.94 Energy Factor
  • Combination Copper/Stainless Steel Condensing Heat Exchanger
  • Residential & Commercial Applications
  • 0.26GPM Minimum Flow Rate / 0.4GPM Activation
  • Sealed Combustion Chamber
  • Two(2) Pipe Direct Vent System Designed for PVC
  • Vent with 3" or 2" PVC Pipe
  • Supports Both Horizontal & Vertical Venting
  • Wired Temperature Remote Control Included
  • Connect Up to 20 Units In Tandem
  • High Altitude Capable
  • Self Diagnostic System
  • Supplied 120V Power Cord
  • Freeze Protected to -30°F
  • Low NOX Burner