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Paloma Legacy Support

Japan is synonymous for many of the top manufacturers in the world including Toyota, Honda, Sony, Sharp, YKK, Seiko and many more. Quality, durability and reliability have always been the Japanese way of manufacturing products. Stringent standards and good business practices create high demand for Japanese products. Paloma Industries, a privately owned Japanese company, is dedicated to providing customers with products that place safety as a priority, above all else. Since its inception, Paloma has grown to be one of the largest gas appliance manufacturers in the world, producing more than 300 different kinds of gas appliances, for both residential and commercial use, including gas cooking stoves, rice cookers and water heaters. Since 1911, Paloma has been a leading pioneer in gas appliance production.

  • February 1911 – Kobayashi Gas & Electric Appliance Mfg. Co. (now Paloma) established.
  • February 1938 – the company began supplying aircraft parts to Mitsubishi and other firms producing military planes for WWII. Precision needs resulted in considerable upgrading of company technology.
  • 1954 – LP gas was introduced in Japan. Production systems were set up for LP gas appliances.
  • August 1958 – Paloma brand was born. ‘Paloma’ means ‘dove’ (a sign of peace) in Spanish.
  • September 1968 – With the Japanese market growing, Paloma builds a new manufacturing plant to increase production.
  • April 1973 – Paloma introduces the first AGA-design certified gas tankless water heater in the USA, including the original ‘Legacy Models’ – PH5, PH6, PH12, PH16, PH24.
  • April 1988 – Rheem Mfg Co., one of the biggest water heater manufacturer and leading air-conditioner manufacturer in the USA, joined the Paloma group.
  • May 1994 – Paloma introduces the ‘sensing burner’ to prevent imperfect combustion, which leads to greater safety for the end-user.

Paloma has since discontinued the ‘Legacy Models’ because the market is changing and products must coincide with technology advancements. Current Paloma water heaters are computer controlled with electronic spark ignition. These advances have made Paloma products more efficient, versatile, consistent and user-friendly. ‘Legacy Models’ are no longer manufactured; however, parts will be available for many years.

Since it’s founding in 1911, Paloma has consistently maintained an unflinching stance about one thing: providing products that place a priority on safety. Paloma has always regarded safety as priority over cost and productivity. The reliability and safe technology makes no compromise on any Paloma product

Low Energy Systems as a Pioneer

In 1977, Tankless Gas Water Heaters were mostly unknown in the USA. Although Low Energy Systems focused on the domestic water heating market, Paloma had originally come to the USA because of the strong interest from the commercial industry. Low Energy Systems began selling the Paloma Tankless Water Heaters ‘Legacy Models’ (PH5, PH6, PH12, PH24), which quickly became the popular models for many residential and commercial applications such as fast food restaurants, car washes, Laundromats and remote, off-grid cabins. Legacy Series tankless water heaters are very popular among boat and RV owners, specifically because of their compact size and that they have a standing pilot ignition, therefore, no electricity is required for use. The PH24 was installed at the home of the Denver Broncos’ Mile High Stadium and at super-fund toxic waste sites to supply showers.

Paloma Legacy Repair & Rebuild Service Center

Although the ‘Legacy models’ have retired, Low Energy Systems services, repairs and rebuilds the units on a daily basis in their service center located in Denver, Colorado. We stock all parts and can repair and rebuild units to get them working like new! Paloma Legacy Tankless Water Heaters are easy to service and parts are easy to replace.

Contact Low Energy Systems experts at 800.873.6507 to repair or rebuild your Paloma Legacy Tankless Water Heater!