Recessed Box – PH28 (7.4 Series) Outdoor

The Recessed Box provides a clean finish to an outdoor installation — a great look for residential and commercial installs.

For all Paloma PH28/7.4 Series outdoor tankless water heaters.

Rough In Dimensions

  • Height: 41″
  • Width: 17″
  • Depth: depends upon siding


This water heater recess box is for OUTDOOR installation ONLY, and is intended for use only with the water heater models listed above.

Do not attempt to install a water heater of another brand or model in this recessed box. Do not attempt to modify this recess box. Doing so will alter the intended design potentially causing an unsafe operating condition.

Consult the Use and Care Manual provided with your tankless water heater for installation instructions regarding a suitable location for the water heater. All guidelines regarding clearances and distances from overhangs, windows and doors, and air inlets into the home must be followed.

Recessed Box Clearances

This recess box is designed to be installed with a Zero (0) clearance to combustibles. For service and proper operation, 24 Inches of clearance is required in front of the recess box.

Freeze Protection

To help prevent water lines from freezing do not locate water heater on the side of a building with prevailing winter winds. Refer to the Use and Care Manual provided with your water heater for additional information.

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User Manual


  • Provides a flush and professional finish
  • For both Residential and Commercial Outdoor models (PH-28ROF and PH-28COF)
  • Helps to prevent possible tampering