Pipe Cover – PHH

Pipe Cover for all PHH Tankless Water Heaters

Dimensions and Piping – The box extends approximately 16 inches below the bottom of the water heater. Piping for water, gas, and connections for electrical should penetrate the wall within 16 inches from the bottom of the water heater. Provisions should be made for cut off valves and service unions.

Location – This pipe cover is for indoor or outdoor installations and should be installed directly to the bottom of the water heater. The water heater is not included with the pipe cover assembly. The water heater must be installed in accordance with the Use and Care Manual provided with the water heater. All considerations of the use and care manual along with any applicable local codes must be followed.

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  • Gives a clean finish
  • Helps to prevent tampering with pipes
  • Provides a convenient way to hide piping
  • For both Indoor and Outdoor models