About Us

Low Energy Systems, Inc., founded in 1977, is a leader in the distribution of the amazing Paloma and other tankless water heaters as well as a wide variety of gas heating appliances. We offer quality products at competitive prices. Please call or email us for our latest prices. We recognize that we operate in the competitive market environment, and our purchasing volume allows us to meet any competitive price. We guarantee the lowest price. If you present us with a verifiable lower price, we will not only beat the price but will send you a free gift along with your order.

Company History

Low Energy Systems was founded in 1977 in Camden, Maine. At that time we were faced with an oil embargo. We were facing a cold Maine winter and people were afraid of being without heating oil. A window of opportunity opened that allowed a new business to start up.

Our philosophical underpinning was appropriate technology. In Maine we had huge forests of hardwoods that would benefit from some thinning. Backyard welders followed plans from The Mother Earth News and built hydraulic log splitters and wood stoves. Neighbors helped each other cut and stack wood in huge creative piles. There were chain saw accidents and chimney fires and smog but we sent a message that made the front covers of many news magazines. We will survive without the oil!

Now Low Energy Systems is in Denver, Colorado where the burning of wood is mostly banned and the company sells efficient gas appliances. We have pioneered the use of tankless gas water heaters as the sensible alternative to tank type water heaters. We reasoned that people would not leave their automobile running all night so that they could drive to work in the morning but they were doing that exact same wasteful thing with their water heaters. An opportunity exists.

Today we sell many tankless water heaters and try to educate consumers and support users with technical service assistance. We work hard and get slow growth results mostly because natural gas is cheap! The more expensive, smaller propane fuel market has always been stronger in terms of consumer demand.

We believe in what we do and we support our customers. The products that we offer vary in capacity, efficiency, and ease of installation. This site aims at simplifying the purchasing decision by only offering the highest quality / value tankless water heaters within a hopefully user friendly organization.